"Amiga" is a private family company, founded in 1990 in Kraljevo, it employs about 210 workers, with over 30 engineers in the electrical, mechanical, civil engineering and architectural professions, and has about 20,000 m² of production space on an area of about 6 ha.

On October 6, 2023, we are thrilled to have signed an agreement to be acquired by Beam Global. We have spent over 30 years building credibility and solid relationships with government and commercial customers in sixteen nations internationally. Many of our customers are repeat customers. Becoming part of Beam Global will allow us to market the latest renewably energized EV charging infrastructure products to our existing customers while opening up an entirely new set of opportunities for us. We have the engineering and operational capabilities to fabricate Beam products and a long list of prospects to market them to. We are excited to combine our engineering team with their talent in San Diego and Chicago so that we can rapidly introduced Beam’s existing and contemplated products like the EV Standard™ to the European and surrounding regions. There is a great deal of appetite for EV charging infrastructure, renewable energy and energy security in Europe at the moment and Beam’s products provide all three. We are thrilled that we will soon be capitalizing on this opportunity as part of the growing Beam Global family.


Company activities

Production :

ο Poles for public lighting: classic tubular segmental, decorative, conical round and conical polygonal from one piece up to 16m and reflector poles from several segments up to 65m;
ο Innovative solution of solar poles for public lighting and photo voltage power plants;
ο Poles for mobile telephony, networks and transmission lines;
ο Tram, trolleybus and railway poles of contact networks, poles, portals and semi-portals of road and railway signaling;Tram, trolleybus and railway poles of contact networks, poles, portals and semi-portals of road and railway signaling;
ο Specific steel lattice constructions of large spans and special requirements: sports halls, stadiums, factory and production halls, cold stores, cement plants, thermal power plants and other facilities;
ο Distribution and control cabinets and integration of electrical components, especially the application of solar technology in the field of public lighting;

Design and engineering:

ο We have behind us more than 30 years of continuous development and solving the most complex challenges. Thanks to the combination of youth and experience of our engineering team, we are able to continuously monitor the development of technology in the field of public lighting, automation and application of renewable energy sources.


ο Transport machines and equipment for assembly of different types of steel structures.