We have many years of experience and continuous work and improvement in the field of production of public lighting poles and high floodlight poles, both in terms of quality and standards, as well as in terms of design and application of new technologies.
The poles are characterized by an unobtrusive design of straight lines and smooth surfaces, which fits perfectly with the newer generation of lamps and contemporary public lighting solutions, and with the installation of decorative brackets and lamp carriers, they become an important detail of urban environments.
For the needs of the Smart City concept, we have developed lighting poles in which we can implement a large number of different technical and technological possibilities, such as solar panels, access points, WiFi, air pollution meter, contactless chargers, traffic counters, etc.
Back in 2012, our engineering team designed and implemented a base station working in an island power supply system.
Among other things, we designed the energy installations and the automatic control system of the backup power supply system of 8MW for the needs of the main DATA center of the national telecommunications company, etc...

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