lepenski vir vDuring the archaeological excavations that were carried out due to construction of the Djerdap dam, a little more than four decades ago, a previously unknown Stone Age civilization which took breath to cultural Europe was discovered.
Studies have shown that the Lepenski Vir was once the center of one of the brightest prehistoric cultures.
In 2008 with NIP funds this archaeological site received the appearance which has a suitable to the importance it has. "Amiga" has done a complete steel-lattice structure of specific and demanding design, and the fact that this was not local, nor national, but global project, this work became extremely significant. Installation conditions were extremely specific, because access was provided only around the perimeter of the site.
Total weight of space lattice on the site Lepenski Vir is about 350t, a space  lattice  around 2.600 tons. The supporting steel structure consists of six main trusses, and between them the space f lattice.


 Lepenski Vir  Lepenski Vir  Lepenski Vir
 Lepenski Vir  Lepenski Vir  Lepenski Vir