Public lighting and floodlight poles

javno reflektorskoThe production of poles for public and flood lighting is something that characterizes and makes Amiga recognizable since its foundation. Today, Amiga is the leading regional lighting pole manufacturer. We have 32 years of experience and continuous work and improvement in the field of production of public lighting poles and high reflector poles, both in terms of quality and standards, as well as in terms of design and application of new technologies.
We have developed three basic series of poles for public lighting: tubular segmental (CRS), conical round (KRS) and polygonal conical (VRS), up to 16m high.
Poles from this RI series are characterized by an unobtrusive design of straight lines and smooth surfaces, which fits perfectly with the newer generation of lamps and modern solutions of public lighting, and with the installation of decorative brackets and lamp carriers, they become an important detail of urban environments.
For the lighting of sports fields, urban intersections, parking areas, industrial complexes, advertising totems, a programme of high flood-light poles of various types and purposes, up to 65 m high, has been developed. The basic variants are: SEXTANT, FARIO, STADIUM, MINI MODULO and MODULO MPP. Due to the specific purpose of these poles, modified variants of the basic groups are also made, depending on the design requirements in terms of technical solutions and aesthetic characteristics, whereby our design bureau is always available to meet the specific requirements of customers with its knowledge and experience.
We have developed a large number of innovative solutions for the use of public lighting poles in the SMART CITY environment, which include both solar and conventional power supply.




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